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A useful service that looks at, summarises and contextualises prior research relating to a client problem. We will work with you to specifically define the problem/question before searching for, reviewing and summarising academic literature that potentially can provide a generalised, relevant and informative level of insight.

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A more detailed service that aims specifically at addressing the question or problem. This is likely to involve relevant volunteers, some kind of psychological and/or neurophysiological measurements. The precise nature of the study will depend on a number of factors including the specific question, timeframe, budget. Behavioural studies follow all of the steps of our four stage process.

For people and organisations looking for robust study design or to assess an existing study for scientific integrity, to be either delivered by themselves or by a third party. Resilient studies are important to ensure that your results, should you need them to, stand up to scrutiny, meaning you can stand by them with confidence.

Managing organisational change, nurturing a culture for enhanced creativity, employee management and wellbeing and supporting your leadership team are just some of the issues many businesses and organisations face. Our understanding of the human responses inherent in these business challenges is used to embed new behaviours, break ‘bad’ habits, enhance wellbeing, performance and productivity and ensure lasting, positive outcomes.

Full-day, half-day workshops and Lunch & Learn sessions covering topics such as Creativity, Neuroscience for Marketing, Neuroscience for Workplace Design, Neuroscience for HR decision makers, Leadership, Performance Management, Change Management. Workshops are available as a standard programme or can be customised to suit a particular need. Workshop Series (hyperlink to Workshop Series page)

Our Toolbox

The brain processes over 11 million bits of data per second and we are only conscious of about 10% of this.

The norm of asking people to articulate their thoughts to express opinions is therefore missing a huge amount of information. We’re not saying that traditional methods are flawed. They’re not. Just potentially limited.

Articulated responses (surveys) are also prone to biases. In fact there are over 150 cognitive biases reported in research literature.

We therefore need to expand the state-of-the-art by providing insight on non-conscious processes that are at the heart of consumer decision making.

Our toolbox allows us to do this.

We use eyetracking, heart rate monitoring, respiration, brain imaging and behavioural investigation to provide a holistic understanding of the consumer.

No single method tells it all. We select from the range of tech available to best address your question and help your business succeed.

The Science Behind has access to the broadest range of technologies and techniques which can be used in isolation or in combination with each other including:

Fixed and mobile eye tracking

Used for gathering information about where a subject’s attention is drawn to based on where the eyes fixate and focus. Eye tracking offers a reasonably high degree of precision, facilitation of hands-free interaction and can be integrated with other technologies and techniques to give greater depth of insight.


Electroencephalography or EEG is used to help understand how much cognitive effort is required to process information or complete a task or how engaged/disengaged a subject is on a stimulus by detecting electrical signals from within the brain.


Electromyography or EMG is used to measure electrical activity in facial muscles. Facial expression analysis works on the basis that facial expressions are closely linked to emotions.


Galvanic Skin Response or GSR measures changes in skin conductance by sweat and is used as a measure of arousal. GSR can be used to measure event related arousal or non-stimulus locked responses that look at levels of arousal over a longer period of time.

Why Work With Us?

Blending science, technology and business experience
Our combination of expertise means you can be confident that our findings can be translated into tangible and relevant business insights, recommended business actions and meaningful behaviour change.
The right study for every question
We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all model. Our approach and ability to apply one or many techniques from the widest range of available means that we are not constrained in anyway. Ensuring that each study is using the most appropriate methods to give the insight required.
Integrity in study design and implementation
Our team includes active neuroscientists; who are well positioned academics and are responsible for the study design and data analysis of all our services.
Confidence in results and recommendations
We are unique in that we can combine and time-lock the widest range of neuroscience techniques. This means that not only can we see the brain response we can time-lock it to specific events and validate it with other methods.
Clarity and credibility
The Science Behind applies the same discipline to study design and output as is applied to academic research. This ensures high standards and excellence in study design and delivery based on fact and evidence and offering clarity in conclusions.
Understanding Human Behaviour.