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Working out precisely why people do what they do is a major challenge. You might think you have a good idea of employee or customer behaviour, but without hard actionable insight, how can you know for certain?

That’s where The Science Behind fits in.

We will uncover unconscious activators of behaviour and work with you to apply this understanding to shape sustainable behaviours across your department and/or organisation.

Health & Safety and Wellbeing are intrinsically linked; operating in a feedback loop. Overcoming challenges in one area can have enormous benefit in the other. Understanding employee behaviour can enable you to break through a safety/wellbeing plateau you may be experiencing, pre-empt and respond more effectively to risks and incidents, and build on gains of existing initiatives to embed a strong positive safety/wellbeing programme.

A cornerstone of this area is how people perceive, interpret and interact with others, their environment and respond to situations. To ensure optimal success, any human resource management interventions will benefit from insightful evidence on appropriate methods to influence, support, manage and train & develop employees.

Creativity and innovation are hard to pin down but disconnecting ourselves from our experiences, our automatic and habitual thinking enables us to become more creative. Our understanding of the brain processes enables us to develop initiatives designed to help stimulate problem solving, generate new ideas

Clinical Trials and Contract Research

Some clinical trials and research studies are investigating treatments that have or potentially have interactions within the brain and central nervous system.

The Science Behind uniquely is able to offer services to support clinical trials during volunteer screening and trial.

These include:

We work together as part of your clinical trial team adhering to Good Clinical Practice guidelines. As a trial or research group, you can access our services on a study-by-study basis without the need to make a significant capital investment in technology and expertise. Giving you the freedom to enhance your service offer or build elements into your study as and when you need to.

We are happy to work with you’re preferred CRO and we also welcome direct collaboration with CROs as part of a contracted study programme.