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Michael is an award-winning Cognitive Neuroscientist and a Royal Society Industry Fellow. In 2016, Michael was awarded the British Psychological Society Spearman Medal, and in 2017 the Bertelson Award for outstanding contributions to psychological research.

Michael’s research and areas of expertise include:

  • Social perception (e.g. emotion perception)
  • Social interaction
  • Affect regulation (e.g. mood)
  • Creativity
  • Decision making
  • Empathy
  • Sleep
  • Sense of agency
  • Performance

Michael has worked closely with a range of organisations to help take knowledge from psychology and neuroscience to performance insight. This has included work with top tier leadership organisations, law firms, brand management and design consultants, marketing companies., and technology firms.

He’s also been involved in several public facing and media projects including:

  • Television (BBC, Lambent Productions, Good Morning America, Blink Films)
  • Radio (BBC Radio, NPR)
  • Popular Press (The Guardian, Wired Magazine, New York Times, Scientific American, New Scientist, AEON, Campaign Magazine, ESPN)
  • Festivals (Latitude Festival, Also Festival)
  • Public Events (Tate Modern, Nottingham Contemporary, ArtNeuro, The Lab Project, Salon London, Wellcome Trust)

As Director of Research, Michael applies is research skill and psychology expertise to the design of appropriate studies, supervision of their delivery and to the analysis and interpretation of findings.

‘Neuroscience is by far the most exciting branch of science because the brain is the most fascinating object in the universe. Every human brain is different — the brain makes each human unique and defines who he or she is.’

Stanley B. Prusiner