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We understand how important it is to have a deep understanding of the relationship your customers, employees and other stakeholders have with your business or organisation, brand, products and services.

We believe that this deep understanding is only really possible through robust and validated research. By studying human behavior we gather untapped data which is then interpreted to help decision-makers assess and enhance their products and services, understand a variety of business phenomena and ultimately make business decisions with confidence and from a more informed position.

We deliver a sound foundation of evidence to base your business and project decisions.

How We Work

Human behaviour is complex. It is multifaceted and influenced by a myriad of variables.

For businesses and organisations looking for meaningful insight, interpreting and contextualising information about how we respond to the world around us requires the application of rigour to study design and output.

We have developed a four stage process that helps us to achieve this.

We will spend time to really understand your business problem and help you shape the questions you need answers for.

We will then develop one or more concepts and present you with some options for feedback. Once approved we will take the selected approach to a fully designed study

The study will be delivered under the direct supervision of our Research Director, by qualified and experienced researchers.<br />

Once the study is complete and data is available, our experts will analyse the information and contextualise this before reviewing the findings with you and your team.

Our Partners

We offer first-class, scientifically sound solutions grounded in a deep understanding of behaviour and cognition to solve real-world business problems.

We work with other specialists to help us ensure that we bring the right solution to help answer your questions and solve your problems. Our specialist partners Brainbox are specialists in integrating neuroscience technologies for research applications. We also partner with a number of leading cognitive neuroscientists, bringing in their expertise on a project by project basis.

Prof. Joseph Devlin
Joe Devlin started in artificial intelligence but found himself much more interested in how the human mind works. After training in neuroimaging at Cambridge and Oxford, he established a reputation as a leading researcher in how the human brain processes language before taking up a psition at Head of Experimental Psychology at UCL. Now Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL, Joe's work explores how language is used in the real world where he investigates the psychology and neuroscience of communication. Joe has collaborated on various projects with a variety of media partners, including the BBC, the Times, Guardian and Daily Telegraph.
Brainbox are specialists in integrating neuroscience technology, techniques and services to enable customers conduct robust, credible, replicable and cutting edge research. Working with Brainbox enables The Science Behind to access, where appropriate, the broadest range of exploratory tools for the research of human behaviour.