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About Us

The Science Behind are experts in understanding human behaviour. We combine this expertise with real world business experiences in order to inform the decision making process with insight about how people behave and why.

How We Work

Human behaviour is complex. It is multifaceted and influenced by a myriad of variables.

For businesses and organisations looking for meaningful insight, interpreting and contextualising information about how we respond to the world around us requires the application of rigour to study design and output.

We have developed a four stage process that helps us to achieve this.

Research Areas

These are some of the key areas we work in. However, we are not limited to these. In fact, all industry sectors and most business disciplines can benefit from our expertise in understanding human behaviour.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing
Understand and shape sustainable safety behaviours across your organisation and improve overall employee wellbeing.
Leadership, Performance, Management & Change
Bring the best out of your employees and raise standards through the improvement of practices and organisational development.
Creativity & Innovation
Harness employee potential and build creative capability to stimulate ideas, solve business problems and unlock sustainable growth.
Clinical Trials & Contract Research
Cognitive testing and measurements of brain response to support drug trials without the need for capital investment.